Brand New Isn’t Breaking Up, They’re Just Not Playing Music For Anyone Else


Brand New recently released some new merchandise that seemed to indicate that the band will be breaking up in 2018. The merch read: “Brand New 2000 – 2018.” This caused the Internet to freak out and it also caused everyone to crack the very obvious, but also very necessary, Brand New is going to stay 18 forever joke.

It’s sad to think that Brand New won’t be making music anymore, but according to Jesse Lacey that’s not the case here. The band isn’t actually breaking up, they’re just not going to play music for anyone else anymore, or so he told the audience at last night’s show.

“We’re not breaking up, we’re just not going to play for anyone else anymore. We’re just going to play for ourselves.”

Well the only thing that’s for sure about Brand New is that nothing is for sure, so make of that what you will.