“Danger Days” By My Chemical Romance Has Officially Been Certified Gold

my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance broke up several years ago, but they’re the band that fans just won’t let die. The band is arguably more popular now than they were when they were together thanks to the internet, and even Gerard Way recently agreed with that sentiment.

In an era where records don’t sell nearly as well as they used, MCR somehow still manages to sell albums and “Danger Days” has now officially reached Gold status in the United States.

Gerard Way recently confirmed the news when he posted the following on Instagram:

“I am pleased to inform you that Danger Days is no longer Certified Oak™, but has graduated to Certified Gold™. Thank you all! Special thanks to Xavier Ramos and our team at WBR, for the hard work, and for putting this together for us. Also special thanks to Stacy, Lauren, Rob, Doug, and everyone else that was part of our operation.”