Andy Hurley Explains How Patrick Stump Wrote Fall Out Boy’s “Thriller”

Photo: Mikaela Spiteri

When Fall Out Boy first broke on to the music scene, they were associated with pop punk music, and they wore their hardcore influences on their sleeves. The band tried to mix heavy rhythms with pop music, and the crossover worked very well on the “Infinity On High” opener “Thriller.”

Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley recently spoke to Exclaim! TV’s Aggressive Tendencies, and he noted that Patrick actually tried to adapt a breakdown from a band that Hurley is in.

“I think that was Patrick [Stump’s],” Hurley said. “He wrote that song to a Racetraitor breakdown because he just ripped it off, which is fair because that’s a band I was in — am in… Especially back then, Patrick would kind of try to adapt hardcore breakdowns or hardcore rhythmic sensibilities into a pop sensibility to kind of see where you could take that, which I think was really interesting.”

You can compare the two tracks in the video below.