Brendon Urie Of Panic! At The Disco Says He’s Been Working On New Music


There’s no denying that 2016 was a huge year for Panic! At The Disco. They scored a number 1 album with “Death of a Bachelor” and they also played shows to enthusiastic audiences all year long. Now that 2017 is here, Panic! At The Disco will be looking toward the future.

Brendon Urie recently reflected on 2016 during an interview with Billboard, and he noted that he’s been working on new music and he intends to continue working on new music in 2017.

“Yeah, I’m always creating. Whether I’m writing a lyric or making a beat, every day I’m doing something. I never really stopped working, so I’m curious to do the sort of Frankenstein method now and see if I can pull all of these things to kind of jigsaw puzzle this [next] album. I’m just going to keep writing until that happens — it seems like it’s going really well right now. There’s a few ideas I’m really excited to keep working on.”

What that means in regards to when a new album might be released remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll be hearing some new Panic! At The Disco sooner rather than later.

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