Patrick Stump Didn’t Think Fall Out Boy Had Fans Anymore

fall out boy

After “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” became a hit in 2005 and Fall Out Boy went mainstream, their popularity went through the roof. But only a few years later the band decided to go on hiatus in 2010, and millions of fans around the world were left to wonder if they would ever return.

Luckily they did return with “Save Rock And Roll” in 2013, and they’ve been riding a huge wave of success ever since.

Fall Out Boy were welcomed back with open arms when they returned, but Patrick Stump recently told Rock Sound that he truly believed the band didn’t have fans anymore.

“Well, it was weird because one of the things is that you’re in a bubble – when you’re in a band, you’re not in reality. You don’t always understand what reality is. You have a very skewed reality so it means that when things are going good it feels even better because everybody’s acting like it’s the best thing ever. When things are going bad everyone’s acting like it’s the worst thing that ever happened ever, so legitimately I went into the break thinking that Fall Out Boy was totally done and that no one liked us and we were worthless.

I thought that was where public perception was of Fall Out Boy. So when I went in to do my solo thing, I thought I was nobody. I didn’t feel any responsibility to Fall Out Boy fans because I didn’t think there were any anymore.

So I went in to my solo thing thinking that I could do whatever because no one was going to call me on it because no one knew who I was – and I was so wrong! I’d get to venues and the audience is asking for Fall Out Boy songs or I’d get to venues and the booking agent has been expecting this many people to show up because they thought I was Fall Out Boy. I really was totally oblivious that anyone wanted us anymore.”