Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Responds To Fans Flipping Him Off At Hellfest


The past few months have been interesting for Linkin Park. The band released their new pop-heavy album “One More Light” and they’ve encountered a lot of backlash from fans who want to hear them make heavier music.

Linkin Park recently played Hellfest, and they were brave enough to try out their soft single “Heavy” in front of the Hellfest fans, and it didn’t go over all that well. At the beginning of the song one fan threw a jug at Linkin Park, and according to Chester Bennington, fans were also flipping him off during the performance.

It’s ok though, because Chester has taken the hate in stride, and he says that he blew a kiss at a few angry fans and managed to convert their hate into love.

Chester posted the following:

You check out a live video of “Heavy” from Hellfest below.