Vic Fuentes Of Pierce The Veil Talks About Who He Looks Up To


Pierce The Veil have been having a great year and they’ve been rocking faces all over the world playing songs from their entire catalog.

Frontman Vic Fuentes was recently selected to be part of the Rock Sound 50, and he told the magazine that it’s quite an honor to be featured as part of the list. Being part of the Rock Sound 50 means you’re one of the most influential figures in rock and roll, and Vic decided to talk a little bit about which bands have influenced him.

When asked who he looks up to he said that he looks up to Pearl Jam because they’ve always done their own thing.

“I really admire any band that makes their own decisions and doesn’t let others influence or alter the path that they have set for their band. Pearl Jam are a great example – DIY since day one. They stand up for their beliefs, no matter how much shit they get for it sometimes. I love that about them.”