Pete Wentz Confirmed Which Song Fall Out Boy Wrote For Shrek And Fans Are Shook


Fall Out Boy’s “Immortals” was a huge part of the “Big Hero 6” soundtrack, but Pete Wentz recently revealed during an appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast that the band also wrote a song for “Shrek” which didn’t make it into the film. Naturally, fans had questions regarding which song it was, and Pete confirmed on Twitter that it was “Bang The Doldrums.”

“Bang The Doldrums” was eventually released as it appeared on Fall Out Boy’s 2007 album “Infinity On High” but fans had some interesting reactions to the reveal.

It’s certainly interesting to think about the fact that we almost ended up in a timeline where Fall Out Boy’s “Bang The Doldrums” appeared in “Shrek” and now we’ll always wonder what could have been.