Twenty One Pilots’ Tour De Columbus Created Stampedes In Ohio

twenty one pilots

Twenty One Pilots are currently smack dab in the middle of Tour De Columbus. The band kicked things off a few days ago at a venue called The Basement which holds 300 people before taking things up a notch the next night at the Newport Music Hall which holds 1,700 people.

These Tour De Columbus shows are pretty important to Twenty One Pilots fans, and 5,200 of them recently lined up to attend the Thursday night show at Express Live. The fans didn’t just line up, they lined up very early to try and get a good spot, and many of them camped out across the street as they weren’t allowed to camp at the venue.

When fans were officially allowed to start lining up, things went haywire and everyone rushed to the venue to try and get in line first. Unfortunately all of the fans created a human stampede that turned into a bit of a disaster for the fans and everyone else around them.

As you can see below, fans flooded the streets and took over the area completely as they rushed to get in line.

Fans started running toward the venue through traffic at 6am, and a few fans are saying they ended up getting injured.

Fans aren’t too thrilled about how the line situation was handled, and people on social media are criticizing the venue for not coming up with a plan ahead of time.

Despite all the chaos, it’s safe to say that every Twenty One Pilots fan wants to be at one of these Tour De Columbus shows, so you’re going to one remember to keep calm and try to avoid stampedes.