Hayley Williams On Why It Was So Important To Have Zac Farro Join Paramore Again

hayley williams

Paramore is a band that’s gone through some interesting lineup changes over the years, but while they were recording “After Laughter” it was revealed that Zac Farro had once again returned to the band to play drums.

It seems like his return as w a great move for the band, because “After Laughter” has received a lot of praise. Hayley Williams recently spoke to Billboard about what it was like when he left, and why it was so important that he came back.

I read this thing once about Tolkien and C.S. Lewis — when one of them died, their whole group of friends changed completely because with one of them gone, the part of each person that that person brought out of them died too. When Zac left the band, I lost a part of Taylor; I lost a part of me. We got through it, found joy and hope to write music, because life goes on. But [Zac] said it all the time when he came back: “This doesn’t just happen; you don’t always get second chances like this.” It wasn’t, “I need to be back in this band.” It was really what he said at the Q&A: “I came back to my family.”