Gerard Way Shares Update On His Netflix Series “The Umbrella Academy”

my chemical romance

Fans haven’t stopped talking about a My Chemical Romance, and they’re not likely to anytime soon, but in the meantime former MCR singer Gerard Way has been keeping himself busy.

It was recently confirmed that “The Umbrella Academy” comic series which was written by Way has been picked up by Netflix and it’s set to become a TV series.

Gerard recently shared an update on the show saying that the cast recently read through the script for the first time. He posted the following:

“One of the gorgeous on-location drawings by @fabiomoon during The Umbrella Academy Netflix production. This was a particularly exciting day, as we got to hear the full cast read through the script. The show is coming out great— great cast, great crew, great everyone!
#umbrellaacademy #darkhorsecomics #ucp #netflix”